Shopping for Waterless Cookware

When shopping for waterless cookware, it is important to determine your objectives. What cook ware pieces are you most likely to use?

What type of steam control mechanism would you like-steam control valve or thermo control knob?

To be classified as waterless cook ware, the cookware must be at least 5 ply (layers), have some type of steam-control valve and have a flat, encapsulated bottom that contains the metal layers enclosed in stainless steel.

Waterless cookware is typically sold in home parties by Direct Sales Consultants. The cook ware sold in department store environments is generally 3-ply. Waterless cook ware because of its composition and construction is more expensive than conventional cook ware.

“The kind of steel used in most stainless steel cookwares is not the best metal in which to prepare foods. Most stainless steel cookwares sold in stores is of such a nature as to allow chrome and nickel to bleed out into foods as water and food chemicals react with the walls of the vessels as they are heated. The chrome and nickel salts are retained when ingested. They cannot be eliminated. They build up and in time can create troublesome conditions”. – Dr. Shelton‟s Hygienic Review

However, even within the waterless cookware market, there is quite a price range between competitors. Most waterless cookware is T304 surgical stainless steel.

T304 cookware has the following advantages including corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, flavour protection, and ease in cleaning. With proper care and maintenance, this cook-ware will keep its shine and beauty for a lifetime.

Saladmaster exclusively market 316Ti Titanium Surgical Stainless Steel cookware.

While there are some distinct differences between T304 and 316Ti, the visible eye can’t detect any difference between the two. What then is the precise difference between the two grades of stainless-steel?

The cooking surface of Saladmaster is:

  • 316Titanium Surgical Stainless Steel.
  • the highest grade of steel used in the cookware industry and exclusive to ONLY Saladmaster.
  • 316Ti is safe as it does not react with the natural salts and acids of your food and is “corrosion proof” for cooking; no metals or chemicals leach into your food.
  • Saladmaster steel is 2000% more resistant to chemical attack than typical 304 type metal used in other cook ware

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