Taking life one day at a time

Taking life one day at a time

We are conceived – that is life

We are born – that is living

We live and eventually die – happens to all

Its a process flow we are all going to go through.

But there is a vital part of that flow that we need to look at deeply!

It’s about taking life, one day at a time.

lifeProgress, training, development and life experiences come to us all.

Sometimes down days, sometimes our heads are in the cloud.

The truth remains that we always outlive our circumstances, if we choose to

Its by taking life, one day at the time.

Let not the distractions of yesterday be the ink:

That we use to pen the plans of tomorrow.

A little faith, great friendship and redirection

Will always set us on the path to great things: sweetness and fruitfulness.

We will always outlive the distraction and become something so big

That we laugh at the distress of yesterday.

I always say to myself:

Greatness resides in me, thats why i gotta pass this present test.

Then i take life, one day at a time



Banks Dada  – Sept 2016

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