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Yep, here’s where I ‘show off’ what I can do, have done and is doing. I am a business analyst, web designer, song writer and singer and most of all i love being with and teaching kids. You will catch a glimpse of what i can be at times. Many thanks.


My Skills and Competencies

I am extremely grateful for the skills i have gleaned from my associations and internships under wonderful people and in various extraordinary teams both offshore and otherwise. It has been a sweet learning curve. I am still learning and has learnt the skills of excellent team work and collaboration. I do continually give and receive ‘pats on the back’ for the resilience and pressure of working to deadlines. I have been involved in scrums, gathering requirements, project definition and redefinition, preparing several business plans, and a lot of other skills.


Business Analysis, Stakeholder communications and expectations management, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Prince 2, Project Management, RACI, Business Process Mapping, CATWOE, SMART, Business Rules, Report Writing, SDLC, Use Cases, Gherkin Syntax, BPMN, Swim Lane Diagrams, ERD, Wireframes, Requirements gathering andanalysis, Technology Choice, Responsive Design. Workshops, Mind Mapping, User Journey Scenarios for Epics and User Stories, Prototyping, Brainstorming, Storyboarding, Data Analysis, CMS, SEO, Sharepoint 2013, Google Analytics and Reporting, End-to-end lifecycle, Data, Disruptive technologies, Business Process Modeling, SWOT, PESTLE, Traceability Matrix, Test Planning and Execution, Functional Testing, Defect Management, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Integration, System and Regression Testing, Digital, Web, Online, M-Commerce, E-Commerce, Magento CRM, Payments Life Cycle, Presta Shop, Benefit-Cost Analysis, Impact analysis, PoS, Workflow, Data flow, GAP Analysis, Impact Analysis, ‘As Is and To Be’ process, Business Case, Business Change Management, Project Charter, RAIDs, KPIs, Budgeting andResource Allocation, Project Plan update, Vendor Management, Liaising with Offshore Development team. Applications: Gliffy, Confluence, Basecamp, JIRA, Balsamiq, Axure MS Visio, MS Project, Project Manager.com, Wordpress, Magento, CMS, Disruptive technologies, Power Point, MS Excel, MS Word, Adobe, Html, CSS,  Social Media Marketing, Website Testing,


Excellent communication skills; oral and written. Facilitation and scribing skills. Proactive, Excellent Customer-facing skills. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Good relationship management with stakeholders at all levels. Excellent team player. Prioritisation and decision-making skills with a flexible and adaptable attitude towards work. ‘Can Do’ attitude. Good mentoring and leadership skills. Pragmatic approach to solving issues. Logical, well organised, thorough and task-focused, with an eye for detail. Self-starter, Intuitive, delivery-focused. Negotiation and Conflict management skills. Excellent time management skills. Updating Project Plans. Small supervisory roles for new intakes.


Up to date, i have completed and participated importantly in over twenty projects. This has ranged, from mobile applications on IOS, and android, Website revamps and fresh development, Social Media projects, Influencer marketing projects and “big data’ related projects. 

A bit about me,”portfolio-wise”

Below are some of my capabilities and experience in a summary.

  • Over thirty bootstrap and wordpress websites and counting
  • One Presta shop overhaul, several Woo-commerce sites.
  • Loads of completed projects with the great digital bananas .
  • Other freelance photoshop works done for colleagues and friends 
  • Loads of poems
  • Loads of Songs.


**I am  presently looking for new career opportunities to consider and possibly take on**


Banks Dada

An agile scrum master with a knack for beautiful things. I live for technology though am not crazy about Internet of things as i still have the fear of being locked out by my phone or a hacker. i love scrum and use it in my daily life as that is what it is: a way of being


Requirements Management
User Stories, Use cases
Functional Requirements
Test Planning
Agile Ceremonies & values
Reporting and Dashboards

Data for business decisions


Digital Transformation
End to End Software Development
Stakeholder Management
Financial Services
Process Management

Requirements Management
User Stories, Use cases
Functional Requirements
Test Planning
Agile Ceremonies & values
Reporting and Dashboards

Data for business decisions

Digital Transformation
End to End Software Development
Stakeholder Management
Financial Services
Process Management


Scrum Master Experience

  • Effective stakeholder management and communication (RACI), Requirements Management
  • Scrum Studio Setup
  • Sprint/release planning,
  • Agile Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban
  • JIRA, Confluence, Target Process, Target Operating Model
  • User Story Management (INVEST, Prioritization, Sizing)
  • Behavior Driven Development | Test Driven Development
  • Managing digital projects, knowledge of scaled agile (Nexus)
  • Experience in taking projects through the SDLC
  • Ability to coach, manage and motivate teams through retrospective games and other tools
  • Knowledge of SAFe principles, practices, and roles
  • Facilitating Retrospective games to aid team improvements
  • Digital transformation, Cloud Technologies, CRM, Websites, Robotic Process Automation


olu eletu clean1
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my view of things

Scrum Master / Senior Business Consultant – Capgemini UK/BNP Baripas   10/16 – 03/17

Delivering transformational change to contact centre processes, technologies and adopting agile framework.
Prepared a project plan / tracker and a scope document, associated resources needed with given timelines.
Defined processes workflows using process maps and Swim Lane diagrams
Organised and conducted ‘play back’ sessions with clients to understand/clarify processes.
Redefined process maps with stakeholder input to remove bottlenecks/automation opportunities. Explaining business impact and long term expectations of stakeholders to expected change. Prepared Request for Information, Request for Quotes and Proof of Concept templates for vendor and vendor assessment.
Presented cloud opportunities, benefits, options and preferred vendors – AWS etc
Prepared Process Definition Documents for Robotics developer assessment of process and/or use case. Documentation of Compliance/Service Level requirements.
Facilitating scrum and its ceremonies (sprint planning, daily stand-ups, backlog grooming/refinement sessions, sprint reviews and retrospectives)
Conducted a Gap analysis to define the areas of opportunities – Context Aware
Gathering requirements, shadowing contact agents, interviews,
Coaching Product owners/stakeholders in the concept of minimum viable product in order to deliver working software faster instead of a big bang approach previously implemented.
Maintaining the Scrum boards (physical and electronic – Jira and target Process)
Ensuring visibility of sprint progress (velocity charts, sprint and project burndown charts)
Coaching the development teams to a state of self-empowerment, creating visibility to the business and proposing solutions to enhance business benefits to the organisation.
Ensuring that the definition of done is clearly understood by the scrum team and all stakeholders
Training the scrum teams in the use of the Kanban board to increase visibility of sprint progress
Inspiring and maintaining the feedback loop in accordance with scrum


  • Prepared a scope document, high level requirements document and got a sign off.
  • Successful classified 110 use cases for automation with associated frequencies of use – data analysis. Created a configurations / Reporting Management System for stakeholders.
  • Successfully proposed a proof of concept and a test robotics
  • Successfully create a Process Definition Document for test software development.
  • Coached the team on adopting agile, manifesto, and how to sustain it
  • Presented four preferred Robotics Software vendors – BluePrism, AutomationAnywhere, Pega, Nice
  • Proposed solutions and applicable vendors. Initiated and managed Proof Of Concept – test development. Leveraged best practices and incorporated Capgemini Knowledge repository and experience.
  • Improved customer experience, Contact centre uniformity of response via Knowledge management, reduced FTE’s and reduced customer dropped calls by about 40%.
  • Exceeded client expectation by providing a KM Software governance and operational document based on requirements and business value
  • Successfully prepared a Knowledge Management System requirements document.

Other tasks – Applied Innovations Exchange participant – brain storming and providing solutions to possible business problems, Adapting known solutions to futuristic trends e.g. block chain, Cognitive advertising, B2B Solutions, Digital shop floor technology, Refining DevOps.



Scrum Master: 04/15 – 10/16  Digital Bananas Technologies Ltd

Digital Transformation Scrum Master/Project Manager. FBN Limited (Financial Services)

Project was to digitally assess the business and propose a ten year digital transformation roadmap for large Multi National Bank with 760 branches worldwide. Digital Transformation and digital marketing initiative with a global agenda to revamp and rebrand the FirstBank online presence

My main tasks:

Conducted an assessment using the Adobe self-assessment tool. (People, Process and Products).

Conducted Stakeholder definition – Persona Mapping, interviews and questionnaire.

Researched Competitors to capture opportunities and technological trends to adopt.

Prepared a digital business case with a ten-year roadmap proposal with cost implications and varying term benefits. (Resource Planning)

Assisted the Product Owner with release planning

Ensured the development team worked with the Product owner to decompose story points

Facilitated Product discovery, scrum team meetings and daily stand ups

Coached the development teams on the importance of visibility of progress, trained them on the use of the Jira board and ensured it was up to date

Coached the development teams on how to run the daily stand up and ensuring it

Coached the scrum teams ensuring they understood the principles and values of scrum

Helped the development team clear potential impediments identified in the course of their work

Facilitated 3 Scrum teams (Scrum of Scrums)


  • Created a ten year digital transformation roadmap
  • Created and implemented a CRM base/backbone for the bank – Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Redesigned a mobile responsive website using Wordpress (https://www.firstbanknigeria.com/ unlimited scale-ability and cloud opportunities),
  • Optimised the website to reflect financial services trends and features (mobile, responsiveness, search functionalities, gamification, etc).
  • Created a Mobile Application developed with SDLC.
  • Other proposals include, Email marketing, Search Optimisation, Pay-per-click, Instant messaging using telegram API integration for customer expectations management, Social Banking,
  • Cloud adoption (hybrid option), Influencer Marketing.
  • About 20% increased customers engagement | improved online onboarding

15% increase in customer click through rate | Improved business perception


12/14 – 03/15 Scrum Master/Business   DBT/CareerInsights Ltd

“Project was a Salesforce CRM implementation and integrating DocuSign API”

Coached the development team and ensured that they worked with the Product owner to decompose story points

Facilitated scrum ceremonies/meetings (sprint planning, daily stand up, backlog refinement session, review, retrospective)

Ensured the visibility of project and sprint progress with the use of Jira boards and ensured it was up to date

Coached the development team on how to run the daily stand up and ensured it took place as it should

Ensured there was clear understanding of the acceptance criteria/definition of done for all deliverables

Coached the scrum team ensuring they understood and stayed true to the principles and values of scrum

Helped the development team clear identified impediments

Coached the development team in being an effective self managing team


  • Successfully delivered the project 10% below budget and ahead of schedule
  • Increased customer onboarding by about 40%
  • Improved business value and customer perception


Other projects

Heresmycard.co: Digital Business cards for small businesses | BankMyPals: Mobile payment referral system with Paypal’s mass payment API | Tellallmyfriends: Local market place for friends for IOS and Android


Business Analyst 10/09 – 06/13                                                      SECURESHOPPER, UK

The Project mandate was to develop an interactive user-friendly e-commerce portals to optimise sales traffic, reduce down time, improve user journeys and provide excellent user experience. Agile framework



Developed and completed (various) business cases for Senior Business Analyst approvals.

Shopping Portal Development and Integration.

Identified stakeholders/customers and assisted in facilitating workshop sessions to elicit High Level business requirements and quality criteria for the project.

E2E Software development, test driven portal development,

Behaviour driven development for mobile users


  • Improved portal efficiency and customer journeys
  • The solution delivered a 20% increase conversion rate of visitors to the site




November 2016


Received a Best Analyst Award

it feels amazing when a company you have worked for and with in deploying many succesful projects calls you back and gives you an award. Thanks to digital bananas for the award. Best Senior Business Ananlyst.

October 2017


Over 20 WebSites Created

Moved to the United Kingdom

Moved to the United Kingdom under the HSMP Tier one programme as a project expert and my wife as an experience teacher. The weather was different and their was a lot to learn about the new environment. We couldn’t contact our new neighbour for ages..

June 2008



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