Hello! My name is Banks.  Business Analyst and Lifestyle Consultant and website designer. Welcome to my personal page that I’ve designed to showcase my skills and expertise that I’ve gained over the years. There is a special contact form below and all my social links on my header, please feel free to connect with me. I’d love to be given the opportunity to hear from you for a Business Analyst Job or freelance website designs.

There’s more about me as you look around. Appreciate your visit. To your health and prosperity



 I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by people who give me energy to be, to do and to become…     Banks

A bit more about me

Senior Digital Business Analyst with about three years experience. I am blessed to be able to learn from one of the best establishments i have worked with over time. I have a strange knack for website development and have found myself creeping to this type of work.

and some more

I have set up online shops, google verified some business, carried out SEO for some of the sites i have designed, I have acted, written songs, designed flyers, performed at gigs, learnt to play the guitar, tried my hands at personal selling and a whole lot of things..

Healthy Living Advocate and Consultant

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My life as a Business Analyst.

Business analysts make things work with profit and user experience as the core of the work. Its amazing how we move from concept to product deployment. One of the greatest benefits for me personally is being able to work remotely with people i don’t see. Teamwork works. Hundreds of webinars, phone conversations, feature upgrades, deductions and additions and most of all stakeholder buyins and updating. Its a whole rollercoaster of an experience and am enjoying the ride.


Songwriting and singing is also a passion of mine. 


I love creating and also penning poems!

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Acting, blog,
Cooking & Writing


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Digital Business Analyst

 I head a team of analysts and help in stakeholder decision making options and analysis!

Web designer


Have designed loads of websites for friends for fun mostly!

Keen Learner


Extremely open to learning new things!!

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